Rhubarb Harvest Time

I know it’s a little late but it’s time to harvest this rhubarb and to start stewing!! Yumm!!

If anyone has any delicious recipes, few free to share with me!!!


The Red Beast in my Life!!

I have been dealing with a red beast in my life since 1996. This is Tucker, number 5 in the continuous saga. He is a red American, our favourite variation of the golden retriever breed. He just recently turned 3 years old, so he’s just starting to have some control over his behaviour. This control only last for a short time, just long enough for me to think maybe he’s growing up and then he reverts back to being a puppy. I love him anyway, hard to imagine my life without a dog in it!

An afternoon cruise on Lake Muskoka

We went for a boat ride on Lake Muskoka this afternoon and stumbled upon this island that’s a bird sanctuary . I found the island very appealing with its stark landscape and wind swept trees, great stimulation for a painting!!

Brian didn’t get my appeal to this island but I thought it was absolutely stunning but I have to admit it did have a very unappealing stench!!

Our inaugural camping trip 2018n

Hmmm, camping!!! I’m not sure if I like it! We arrived at our destination and attempted to do our check in but the office was closed with a hand written note on the door asking you to call a number for assistance because they where busy at a function in the park. Well I tried with no response. So Brian and I look at each other , shrug our shoulders and thought, oh well what do we do now. We waited with no response so we endeavoured to drive around and check the place out. We had some familiarity with the place because we did stay here a few times approximately 14 years ago.

We drove to the top of a small embankment and there was a clear landing with some definite pull through temporary trailer sites, so we picked one of the many empty sites and decided to call it home for a couple days, that was as long as the park personnel don’t make us move when they actually show up.

So after what seemed like an exhausting attempt to level the trailer, hook up the water, electricity, then get things organized and unpacked we decided to have a quick lunch and then go for a walk to check the place out!!

Not much has changed over the last 10 years or so, it’s aged but then haven’t we all. It’s grown some and has a few move roads and lines but then again haven’t we all!

It’s our 1st camping adventure in over 10 years so already we are realizing there are things we need to bring next time and some details to add to the trailer to make things more comfortable.

Our first day other than the initial set up and learning curve has been totally relaxing. It’s amazing what sitting in a trailer in a field when it’s raining outside side with bountiful mosquitoes around can enforce you relax and have no option but chill and chill we did!

We decided to go for a walk after sunset to enjoy the night air and stumble across a a grassy field and we where amazed by the number of fire flies we observed. The field look like a sea of glittering lights, it was beautiful!

Day 1 we meet some very nice people, everyone was very welcoming. It rained for most of the day and they are calling for rain all day agin today so I think we will call it a learning experience and head home today instead of tomorrow. Note to self, buy something to watch movies/and listen to music on for the trailer and a umbrella!

Homeward bound!!!!!!!!